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This blog is my attempt to document some of my vintage computer collection and projects. Realistically it is a lab journal of what goes in my workshop.

My collection is very much focused on the Apple. And more specifically focused on Apple II, 68K and pre-G3 PPC machines.

I have a number of Dick Smith Wizard’s and peripherals as this was my first real computer. I also have a few Dick Smith CATs. The CATs are in the collection as they are basically an Apple II+ clone hence and intersection of the Apple II and Wizard. Hopefully over time I will put up some pictures and more details on these and other technology gadgets that find there way into my collection. A few that spring to mind are the numerous PDA’s that I have used over the past 25 years such as the Palm Pilot, Newton, Psion, Palm Treo and eventually the iPhone and iPad.

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