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I started my career in the 1980’s as a Science and Computing teacher with emphasis on integrating computers into the science curriculum. This lead me to a career in IT, firstly woking at a reseller selling Apple II and Macintosh computers to schools and then a 25 year career at Apple Inc. I was initially Apple Computer Australia’s K-12 Education Manager and then spent 20 years running Apple Inc’s World-wide Developer Relations organisation in Asia Pacific.

I have been at the cutting edge of Apple technology as an insider for 25 years. I was involved in the transition of Motorola 68K to PowerPC, the introduction of the iPod and iMac, the migration to Mac OS X, the PowerPC to Intel transition, the introduction of the iPhone, iPad, AppleTV and Apple Watch. His final role at Apple was helping developers with the transition from Intel to Apple Silicon.

I am now retired enjoying his passions of retro computing, pinball machines, lego and classic cars.

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