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RetroChallenge 2022/10 – Getting AppleShare up and running

Now I had the IIe card working, it was time to tackle the server. I was going to cheat a little and just connect to my A2SERVER running on my Raspberry Pi but I felt that wasn’t in the spirit of my original Challenge. The other reason was my Cayman Gatorbox PSU decided to pack it in. Therefore I was stuck with a LocalTalk to LocalTalk setup which was pretty much the way it was back in the day anyway.

For the server I chose an SE/30 with 8MB of RAM and a 200MB hard drive. As with the LC475 the logicboard, analogue board and PSU were all professionally recapped 2 years ago so I had my fingers crossed I wouldn’t run into similar issues to the LC475. The good news was the SE/30 booted up from its internal hard drive with no issues and the floppy drive was working fine. I had a BlueSCSI connected externally with the images for System 7.1 and AppleShare 3.0.3 so I could do a fresh install of all software on the server. I could have made floppy discs of all the images for an authentic experience but I was aware that the RetroChallenge is only for the month of October so I needed to get a hurry along.

Once the software was installed it was just a matter of launching the AppleShare Server software, sharing a volume and configuring a guest user. I was amazed that I remembered how to configure the AppleShare Server as I hadn’t done that in at least 25 years. As a test I connected the LC475 to the SE/30 with PhoneNet connectors and the server appeared in the Chooser of the LC475. I was able to mount a volume on the LC475. It was time to try and mount a volume on the IIe Card.

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