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In the beginning…

This is my first attempt to document some of my vintage computer collection and projects. I have found that I have spent a lot of time tinkering over the years but never really documented any of it. I am motivated to document my projects so that 1) other people can benefit from my exploration and 2) I can remember what I have done in the past. This blog is also an attempt to finally learn how to use WordPress, so please forgive any rookie mistakes or errors.

My collection is very much focused on the Apple II but I do have a few Macintosh’s which are mainly used to support the Apple II’s in some way. I have a number of Dick Smith Wizard’s and peripherals as this was my first real computer. I also have a few Dick Smith CATs. The CATs are in the collection as they are basically an Apple II+ clone hence and intersection of the Apple II and Wizard. Hopefully over time I will put up some pictures and more details on these and other technology gadgets that find there way into my collection. A few that spring to mind are the numerous PDA’s that I have used over the past 25 years such as the Palm Pilot, Newton, Psion, Palm Treo and eventually the iPhone and iPad.

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