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The resurrection

And a new beginning…

I have finally got around to resurrecting this blog and will be putting some more content up soon. My first blog post “In the Beginning…” appeared here in August 2014. It has only taken me 8 years to get to this point. Admittedly my job got a bit crazy in that time with the rise of Apple and the App Store in China. This lead to exponential growth in registered Apple developers along with the complexity that brings with App Review, government regulations etc.

I Since retiring in Oct 2022 I have been suffering from analysis paralysis. I was spending too much time analysing what I wanted to blog about and how I was going to do it. For example I spent two weeks analysing the best blogging software, the best site hosting services, the best domain name provide etc. Then the best way to take photos, how to edit photos, on and on and on. It is time to stop and do something. “The Resurrection” is the something, and it is a very basic something. A WordPress blog hosted by WordPress, how imaginative, but it works.

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